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    Sword Dancer 5 Books

    Sword Dancer 5 Books - Jennifer Roberson (.PRC)
    Requirements:RAR/ .PRC reader
    Overview:Jennifer Roberson's series starring Tiger, a sword dancer from the south, and Del, a sword dancer from the north...together they will seek revenge for the loss of Del's family, and Tiger's own roots. Sometimes described as "Gloria Steiniem meets Conan the Barbarian", it is much more than a meditation on the battle of the sexes.

    Contents of the RAR file:

    Sword Dancer 1 - Sword Dancer v2.prc
    Exiled from both the North and the South, Southron sword-dancer Tiger and Northern sword-singer Del have set sail to search for Tiger's homeland. But no journey is ever without complications for Tiger and Del. Shipwrecked, nearly drowned, abducted by pirates, bedeviled by magic and those who would use the pair to their own ends, the two finally do arrive at their destination. But before their quest is over, Tiger must face a truth about himself which may prove more dangerous than any sword-dance.

    Sword Dancer 2 - Sword Singer.prc
    Sword-Singer once again unites Del and Tiger--she among the greatest of Northern sword masters, he a Southron warrior of legendary skills--on a new and perilous journey into the North, to the Place of Swords, where Del must submit to trial-by-combat for the slaying of her sword-master.

    Sword Dancer 3 - Sword Maker v2.prc
    He was a champion of sword magic sworn to track the hounds of hoolies. Yet before Tiger waited perils far deadlier than any hounds--the Dragon's Lair. A magical novel of sword and spell from the author of Sword-Dancer and Sword-Singer.

    Sword Dancer 4 - Sword Breaker.prc
    Accused of murdering a man the Southron tribes believe to be their messiah, but who is actually the slayer of Del's family, Tiger and Del flee across the deadly Punja desert, hunted by religious zealots and sword-dancer assassins. But evading death by assassins' blades is only one of the challenges they face. For Tiger's sword, Samiel, has been possessed by the spirit of the deadly sorcerer, Chosa Dei--a wizard out of legend with the power to unmake the entire world, a master of evil who seeks to mold Tiger into his ultimate weapon of destruction. Tiger and Del have only one hope left--to find and gain the help of Chosa Dei's equally powerful counterpart and sworn enemy, Shaka Obre. But Shaka Obre has not been seen in the world for hundreds of years, and it may be beyond even the combined magical abilities of Tiger and Del to find this wizard who is their only chance for salvation.

    Sword Dancer 6 - Sword Sworn.prc
    Sword-Sworn is the long-awaited sixth and final book in Jennifer Roberson's Sword series. Matching wits as fiercely as they cross swords, Tiger and Del are back-in danger, in trouble, and in love. Just one last time.

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