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    Tyrants & Kings 3 books + 1 - John Marco

    Tyrants & Kings 3 books + 1 - John Marco (.PRC)
    Requirements:RAR/ .PRC reader
    Overview: John Marco has worked in the computer and security industries. He now writes full time.

    Contents of the RAR file:

    Tyrants and Kings 1 - Jackal of Nar (v0.9).prc
    A fast-paced epic with enormous scope, believable and appealing characters and an impressively imagined world. The Empire of Nar is being torn apart, the balance of power tipped by the sorcerer Tharn's magic. The Emperor wants control of the magic, Tharn wants to rule the Empire and countless thousands of people are caught up in the struggle. And now the love of Prince Richius's life has been spirited away by Tharn. But all is not what it seems. Richius is a flawed hero pursuing a woman he has met just once. The Emperor is greedy and lazy, while Tharn is a dying man touched by the gods and struggling to use his power for good.

    Tyrants and Kings 2 - The Grand Design v0.9.prc
    The war that is tearing apart Nar threatens to destroy the Jackal's family as Count Biago targets his daughter, knowing that the Jackal must try to protect her. This is the second book in the "Tyrants and Kings" series.

    Tyrants and Kings 3 - Saints of the Sword.prc
    In the conclusion to this trilogy, Emperor Biagio, once a madman, now wants peace. However, his cruelest minions are amassing an army to usurp his throne. Biagio sends the governor's illegitimate son, Alazrian Leth, who has magical talents, on a mission to convince outlawed priest Jahl Rob and the Saints of the Sword to search for the exiled ruler of Aramoor and the mysterious people called the Triin.

    The Eyes of a God.prc
    From the award-winning author of "The Jackal of Nar" comes the first book in a major new fantasy series. This bold, richly textured epic is filled with Arthurian elements, diverse magic, romance and deception.

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