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    Amber Trilogy

    Amber Trilogy - John Betancourt (.PRC)
    Requirements:RAR/ .PRC reader
    Overview:John Gregory Betancourt is a bestselling author with several Star Trek novels to his credit including Voyager: Incident at Arbuk and Deep Space Nine: Heart of the Warrior.

    Contents of the RAR file:

    The Dawn of Amber
    THE DAWN OF AMBER trilogy will expand the 'Amber' universe and answer the important questions left open, including how Amber was created and why. The events in the trilogy will precede those in the existing novels, but will follow some of the same, immortal characters. Finally fans of the series will discover why it was necessary to create Amber, how Chaos and Amber came to be at war, and the true nature of the universal, sentient forces that Amber and Chaos represent.

    Chaos and Amber
    Book Two of the new Amber series follows the continuing adventures of Oberon, who is destined to create Amber and be the founding member of its royal family. In CHAOS AND AMBER, Dworkin and his son Oberon arrive at the Courts of Chaos to discover and confront their hidden enemies. But things don't go as planned. Oberon has a terrible physical reaction to being in Chaos, while assassination attempts are made on both his and Dworkin's lives - and the traitor in their family remains a hidden but quite real threat. Dworkin takes Oberon on a desperate journey, pressing deeper into Shadow than ever before. Here, Oberon discovers more of the true nature of his father...and of his real mother. But they have been followed and are attacked by a horde of hell-creatures. Ultimately, Dworkin must create a new Pattern with his own blood to save himself, his family and the future.

    To Rule in Amber
    Oberon takes on the reins of leadership as he carves an empire from the new universe created by his father.
    Enemies new and old lie in wait, and creating a kingdom for himself and his heirs requires delicate political manoeuvring, a will of iron, and the might of a born warrior.
    Power-mad siblings, a madman for a father, assassins and the King of Chaos are just the beginning of his troubles, for he must learn to master them all, if he is...TO RULE IN AMBER.

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