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  • puertoblack2003
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    • Nov 08
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    Board Mods

    will guys its time to mod the board for revel ant stuff. I'm not going to adding alot of stuff but just the general stuff that will be needed better help the members and guest.

    Mods that will be added.

    1. Download Hacks- what this do is a general hack that i will add for just certain section you can see here for ex.

    2. Vbclassified - what this hack do basically if you want to sell merchandise on line this can be the cleaner look and only you can use that section for goods..see example

    3. Support system- i will eliminate the thread for help desk and use that hack for support. any members that wish for any support must use the system

    see ex.

    4- blogging hack- - i may or may not add it depends thsi is very instense hack to add and need time to install

    5- photo gallery- for members that wish to share photo online this is a ideal hack see ex.

    there will be more simple ones that you won't notice but needed time progress and my availability of time this may take up to a week or two but you will enjoy this hack.

    so stay toon...any question you can always hit me up on aim @puertoblack2003 rather offline or online..i'm always available

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  • D/\SH
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    • Feb 07
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    Re: Board Mods

    nice....thanks bro will give us a good clean look and all updated!!!!1blow horn