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  • D/\SH
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    • Feb 07
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    Official SPJ T-Shirts

    Do you want to look good and help out SPJ at the same time?????? Well heres the perfrct thing for you!!!! The design below will be professionally printed onto a high quality white T-Shirt. But as if that wasn't cool enough your username will also be added to the back to give it that nice finishing touch... I will be having some made this week and will post pictures of what they look like to give you all a little sneak peak!! These shirts will run $25 shipped to your door step. As an added bonus if you get a shot on tv with you wearing the shirt can be at a game, news, whatever we will give you a free VIP membership to the site!!! But you must upload video that shows proof and we can tell if they have been altered. If you have any questions please drop a pm off to me or you can email me at Also all credit for the design goes to our Avatar And Signature Specialist Lalo41, What would we do without him lol.
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  • puertoblack2003
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    • Nov 08
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    Re: Official SPJ T-Shirts

    nice job guys that is outstanding!!!! Hey lalo wouldn't easier for the top part be semi circle like the global look...I mean its ok like it is that will be nice for the back part of the shirt...just my .o2

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