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    Infraction for bluiddvl: , in topic: [Check4SPAM] RE: 6800 hard reset no internet

    Post: [Check4SPAM] RE: 6800 hard reset no internet
    User: bluiddvl
    Infraction: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread
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    bro, the report a post is for dead links to be checked not for questions. you did this three times which is abuse of the button to report and not the right way to ask questions. if your asking inside a thread than all you have to do is hit reply. if you need to make a new thread than hit the new thread button and fill in the title and the problem below that..... and please post in the correct area when doing so.....


    Original Post:
    [URL Attempt] User received an error - No action required!

    Ihad to do a hard reset on my 6800 and now the internet just says invalid usernam or password..... i did the dial #777 username - and cricket for password but does not work.. help please!!!