Infraction for CMoney0619: triple posting

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    Infraction for CMoney0619: , in topic: Mogul to Pro

    Post: Mogul to Pro
    User: CMoney0619
    Infraction: triple posting
    Points: 15

    Administrative Note:
    please only post once and we will answer when we can.

    Message to User:
    you posted the same thing 3 times in the same thread within 1.5 hours of each other. we have lives too and will get to you when we get a chance. stop being impatient because next time you will be banned.

    Original Post:
    the people at best buy told me that i would have already have to have been a member and had the coupon sent to that wrong because ill go back and return the phone if thats the case..i want my 20% lol oh and any advice from my previous post about maybe trying to swap and maybe getting one for free?