Infraction for jromero: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread

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    Infraction for jromero: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread

    Post: Raybonds Sister Theme!!!!!!!! Stickied!!!!
    User: jromero
    Infraction: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread
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    Administrative Note:
    please watch where you post

    Message to User:
    bro you posted a rom question in the theme release area inside a themes thread.... please search first since the answer is al over the boards and in the signatures of all the staff and if not threaded you can than make a new thread in the correct area which is the help desk for questions.

    Original Post:
    yes hi how is everyone doin im new to dis customizing thing
    im trying to get da new version or windows mobile on my htc mogul by sprint...
    i was wondering if anyone could hellp mii?!please and thnk you!