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    Infraction for mobiletilt: , in topic: full screen numbers floating info

    Post: full screen numbers floating info
    User: mobiletilt
    Infraction: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread
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    Administrative Note:

    Message to User:
    please watch where you post. you were asking if there was a dialer for your needs in the request area...... i got the thread moved for you just be more careful in the future please.

    Original Post:
    ive got huge thumbs and big button isnt big enough i havent seen any like this: numbers take up full screen from top to bottom bar just numbers, backspace and maybe dial button, then a transparent string accross the top or bottom or center whatever floats ur boat- basically im looking for the biggest buttons in the world and the actual numbers dialed can just float on top of what i need to press-thanks you guys are the sheite-by the way i got a tilt stock rom-bloat.