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    Infraction for johnz: , in topic: alltel 6800 gps problems

    Post: alltel 6800 gps problems
    User: johnz
    Infraction: double posting
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    Administrative Note:
    please dont double post

    Message to User:
    you asked the question in the correct thread than you made a new thread and asked again no more than minutes later. please dont double post bro.... we will get to you.


    Original Post:
    I have downloaded and installed the items from lancelhoff com and also installed google maps. My gps was working for 2 days buy now when I use google maps, I get the error that I don't have a gps receiver in my phone. I have removed the program, rebooted, reinstalled the program, rebooted but still the same error. Anyone have the same problem and can offer a cure?