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    Warning for iilumination: , in topic: XV6700 Iphone theme hack

    Post: XV6700 Iphone theme hack
    User: iilumination
    Infraction: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread
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    please watch where you post in the future.... you asked a question without searching that has been asked before andyou also posted it in the theme request area and all questions go in the help desk

    Original Post:
    hey whats good everyone spj im Jon, and i heard about this site from someones youtube video in my search for a hack for my phone.i have been searchng for this hack for my phone ever since i found out it exsisted, of course the imfamous iphone hack. i have a verizon xv6700 pocket pc which is touch screen as many of u kno already, but i am hoping someone on this site can show me how to do it, so if you or you know someone who does know how to do it please let me know asap! thank you