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    Warning for Mogul87: , in topic: ultimate launcher and htc customizer

    Post: ultimate launcher and htc customizer
    User: Mogul87
    Infraction: Posting (Wrong Section) Thread
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    Administrative Note:
    please post in the correct areas

    Message to User:
    you posted about ultimate launch in a new thread and not the original. also the question has been answered at least 50 times in the thread. please in the future watch where you post and please read. this is just a warning and no points were issued against you.

    Original Post:
    when i download those 2 files how do i get my clock to turn with the rest of my apps. cause my clock is on top the below is my cube block thing with my apps.
    plz hlp. thanks for all the awsome info. never did i think i would b able to do this on my own, but your guys videos are pretty easy to follow
    thanks again