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Infraction for AL_CAPONE_X3: Inappropriate Language

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  • D/\SH
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    Infraction for AL_CAPONE_X3: Inappropriate Language, in topic: Sprint employees

    Post: Sprint employees
    User: AL_CAPONE_X3
    Infraction: Inappropriate Language
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    what a dousche

    Message to User:
    grow the **** up you useless pos..... have a nice break form spj forever and pb when you see this ip ban him please... thanks.... dont step on my feet you family sized bag of dirty mother ****ing cocks. and just to let you know you have ruined a perfectly good life

    Original Post:
    Originally posted by D/\SH
    i to work for sprint corporate and i get the stuff for free so i got a huge perk including free phone service..

    im sorry but now i dont believe that.