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    Infraction for Jose007: , in topic: Dash Vista Theme Question

    Post: Dash Vista Theme Question
    User: Jose007
    Infraction: spamming boards with same question and in wrong area
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    Original Post:
    I downloaded both files from Dash forum on his vista theme:

    Mobilevista and MobilevistaWAD's

    I must say it looks great specially on youtube.

    I did everything on the instructions but I believe that maybe I missed something.

    Yes you take out the mobile vista portrait and landscape and put into themes\desktop. You really don't need to do anything with the mobile vista for this to work but heres what you do....

    Unzip MobileVista

    - mobile-Vista-welcome (Cab) -> install on my mobile device
    - mobile-vista-calculator-skin (Cab) -> install on my mobile device
    - MobileVista.tsk -> Copy paste to *root*/Windows/ and seting as today theme
    - MobileVistaWMP11 (folder) -> Copy paste to *root*/ProgramFiles/WindowsMediaPlayer/
    - MobileVistaWisbar (folder) -> Copy Paste to *root*/Program Files/Lakeridge/Wisbar Advance 3/

    then thats it. It should work after you have done everything I have said here.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Question, on the MobilevistaWAD's folder there are two folders:

    mobile vista portrait and landscape

    It says to put into themes\desktop

    Maybe it's because I have vista ultimate on my pc and 6.1 professional on my Mogul

    but I don't see themes or desktop inside my mogul or in my device->windows

    I also believe I have the latest sync and when I hit browse I se the same but no desktop or themes.

    Where exactly do I put those two folders, mobile vista portrait and landscape?

    By the way each of these folder have a bunch of files in them.

    Do I need the wisebar that is required, or can I put these folder where they need to go?

    If I do need wisebar, is there a link I can dowloaded from without it being a trial version.

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you