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    Warning for gbogart100: , in topic: Pocket Tunes Deluxe v4.1.0.2044

    Post: Pocket Tunes Deluxe v4.1.0.2044
    User: gbogart100
    Infraction: double posting
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    please read
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    please dont post the same question in different posts..... you only need to post once.... this si just a warning so worth no points.... just keep it in mind please.

    Original Post:
    I have ThrottleLauncher 0.9.1 Beta (Im not finding anything newer), im just confused on how I get pocket tunes to show up in throttlelauncher's music plugin. I go to my throttle configuration and click the plugins tab and looking under music I see no box to check regarding the pocket tunes program. What do I need to do?