Infraction for bubbared: double postin, wrong section, and not listening

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    Infraction for bubbared: , in topic: ICUBE on Mogul

    Post: ICUBE on Mogul
    User: bubbared
    Infraction: double postin, wrong section, and not listening
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    follow the rules!!!
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    no double posting..... psot in the right areas!!!! i even told you where and oyu didnt listen in the other thread you made on this topic.
    Original Post:
    I am new to all of this and would like to ask some questions. 1 I want to nstll the Icube for the mogul, It says to back up phone, hw do I do that. 2. if I do not like the icube how can I remove it. 3. If I install it from the links will I get everting in the video?