Infraction for AL_CAPONE_X3: Posted Wrong Area Twice. Was Even Told And Did Again

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    Infraction for AL_CAPONE_X3: , in topic: Qimsoft SMS Assistant v1.05

    Post: Qimsoft SMS Assistant v1.05
    User: AL_CAPONE_X3
    Infraction: Posted Wrong Area Twice. Was Even Told And Did Again
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    please post in the correct area. i told you where that would be and you still went to the wrognspot and asked a question about a different app in a different apps thread. come on now you know better. infraction complete and files away.
    Original Post:
    ok since you asked me not to junk the other thread im posting in this thread.

    i like this program and the other one called "Novosec SMARTFilter Pro 1.3"

    hope its not bad to post the name in the thread.

    but anyways i was wondering if anyone of these programs have the options of both programs? either does this one have the program of the one i posted above where i can select certain calls and like that.

    or does the other one have the option where you can have it hang up on an incoming call and automatically reply to the person with an sms to let them know like im in class or something like that.