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    Fool's Gold 2 Books

    Fool's Gold 2 Books - Jude Fisher (.PRC)
    Requirements:RAR/ .PRC reader

    Contents of the RAR file:

    Fool's Gold 1 - Sorcery Rising.prc
    From the north come the Eyrans, from the south, their old enemies, the Istrians. From all over Elda come the nomads, the Footloose. As they gather at the annual fair, a mysterious force is released, which will change the world forever.

    Fool's Gold 2 - Wild Magic.prc
    Magic has returned to Elda, creating all manner of wonders and terrors. None yet know that the source of this magic is the legendary Rosa Eldi, restored to the world, but not yet restored to herself. Unaware of her true nature, she has married King Ravn Asharson of the North, and now with usurpers and assassins circling she must conceive a child to establish the succession. There is magic in the world again, but it is wild and unpredictable, and few will count its touch a blessing.

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