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    Artist : Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    Album : Strength & Loyalty
    ***el : Interscope Records
    Genre : Rap
    Bitrate : 188 kbps avg
    Source : CD (LP)
    Playtime : 0045 (84.1MB)
    Rls date : 2007-04-20
    Store date : 2007-05-08

    [Track List]
    1. Flow Motion 3:09
    2. Bump In The Trunk (Feat. Swizz Beatz) 4:25
    3. Wind Blow 4:18
    4. I Tried (Feat. Akon) 4:47
    5. Lil Love (Feat. Mariah Carey & Bow Wow) 3:52
    6. C-Town (Feat. Twista) 5:05
    7. Order My Steps (Dear Lord) (Feat. Yolanda 3:57
    8. Streets (Feat. The Game & Will.I.Am) 4:21
    9. 9mm 4:43
    10.Gun Blast 3:37
    11.Candy Paint 3:45
    12.So Good So Right (Feat. Felicia) 3:35
    13.Sounds The Same 4:25
    14.Never Forget Me (Feat. Akon) 4:46

    Bone Thugs' new album will be released on May 8, 2007;
    producers include Akon, Jermaine Dupri. Guest appearances
    include The Game, Mariah Carey, Akon, Twista, and Chris
    Leeper. According to the group they have recorded nearly
    100 tracks and are in the process of deciding which tracks
    will appear on the album. Although producer DJ-Uneek
    helped to launch the band to stardom, he does not appear
    on the album. According to the official track list issued
    by Interscope, imprisoned member Flesh-n-Bone will not be
    featured on the main track list, even though "Into the
    Future" (the song on which he is featured) will be
    avai***le on certain editions of the album in the form of
    a bonus track (three versions of the album are rumored to
    be released, all with the same fourteen main tracks, with
    the variations occuring in the two bonus tracks on each
    version of the album).

    A promotional single, "Just Vibe", has been released on
    the radio in Southern California. Bone says Bizzy Bone
    will not be on the album. Also says that this album will
    be their best ever. Swizz Beatz will produce one track,
    "Candy Paint", as the group signed in 2005 to Swizz Beatz'
    Full Surface Records, and in 2006 to Interscope Records.
    In March, the single "I Tried" featuring Akon was
    released. It is currently being played in many radio
    stations along with "Just Vibe" ,but "I Tried" is the
    official single and is also currently charting.

    From 2006 to the present, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, especially
    Krayzie Bone, have continued their strong track record of
    col***orations and appearances on compilation albums.
    Krayzie appeared on Duets: The Final Chapter by The
    Notorious B.I.G, the soundtrack from the Antonio Banderas
    film Take the Lead, and on DJ Khaled's new album
    Listennn... The Album (all of these appearances were
    credited as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on the track listings to
    show the loyalty of the group). Bone Thugs appeared with
    Lil Eazy-E on the soundtrack to The Game's acting debut in
    the film Waist Deep, and on The Source Presents Fat Tape
    Vol. 1. The most successful was Krayzie Bone's appearance
    on Chamillionaire's number-one single "Ridin'" which they
    won a grammy for. Krayzie Bone is featured on the new 2Pac
    album Pac's Life on the song "Untouchable" (Swizz Beatz
    remix), credited as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Bone's new video
    "I Tried" was launched on March 7, 2007.

    iNDiCASUPPLiER did another great reencode.
    They have 169 kbps avg, while our release is 191 kbps avg
    according to Audio Identifier. And no featurings !
    And our quality is way better too, of course :)


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