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    Attention: (Help Other Site Spread The Word)

    Read this and lets spread the word:

    Here is an excellent post from SaltyDawg over at PDAphoneHome. It may be a little long, but well worth the read. I heard about this on a talk show on my Sat Radio about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to post on this as well, but I seriously doubt I would have laid d it out as good as this......

    The Problem...
    Sprint will only allow its customers to use phones that were purchased from Sprint. They will not allow customers to purchase third party devices. Even if the device is unlocked, and fully compatible with Sprint's network, they will not activate it unless it was purchased from Sprint.

    This is really hurting the development of new devices. There are manufacturers out there who simply refuse to make devices unless they are allowed to retail them. OEM's do not want to go through Sprint. Nokia and Motorola are two OEM's that come to mind as companies who refused to deal with Sprint for a long time.

    Companies don't want waste lots of money developing a new device, only to have Sprint refuse to carry it. Companies also don't want to spend lots of money developing a new device, only to have Sprint "test" it for over a year- making the device obsolete by the time it's finally released.

    Sprint also refuses to deal with most OEM's. There are only a select few companies that Sprint will consider purchasing devices from. This makes it impossible for the small time sellers to do business with Sprint customers. As we are all well aware, there are some great deals out there by small time sellers- mostly online but some brick and mortar as well. I personally would like to possibly send a spec sheet to a few OEMs and order several thousand devices to sell that do not exist yet. This is not possible with Sprint.

    This is not a problem with most carriers in the world. You can simply put your SIM card in whatever phone you want and it will work for you. This is not the case with Sprint. You have to call Sprint and get your phone activated by speaking to someone.

    The Solution...
    There is a technology available, and in use with some carriers since 2002, called RUIM. These are cards similar to SIM cards, but made for CDMA carriers like Sprint. Read more about them here:

    What can you do?
    Sprint has a message board that is monitored by company execs. you do NOT have to be a Sprint customer to post there. You do NOT need to give them any personal info to register. You do NOT need to give them your name, phone number, or anything else that you don't give any other message board to register. You can give them all fake info. They don't care. It's just like any other message board. Even if you're not a Sprint customer, let them know that you're not a customer because you like the freedom of popping a SIM card into a phone and using it. You do not like being limited in your phone choices.

    Register here:,register/

    And then post in these threads and let them know we want to use RUIM cards:
    There may be other topics as well, but I wanted to make this easy for everyone.

    Spread the word.
    Put links to this post on all the message boards you visit. Put a link to it in your signature. We need to get the word out so people will let Sprint know how they feel. We don't know how long Sprint will be paying attention to those message boards, so we want to let them know right now, while we still can.

    Make it the Law
    You may or may not be aware that local land line telephone companies used to require their customers to buy phones from them. There was a law passed that requires them to allow third party phones purchased from third party sellers. (anyone have a reference to this law as it had big impact at the time and on the home phone market as it stands today) In fact, I have heard that the law actually forbids the landline telephone companies from selling phones. I'm not sure about that, but I know I can go to Walmart (or just about any store) and buy a phone that works on my landline. It's only fair to require wireless carriers to also allow third party devices on their network. You should NOT have to buy a phone from Sprint (or from someone that bought it from Sprint) in order to use it on Sprint. As long as the device is compatible with Sprint's network, you should be able to use it. Please write your congress reps and let them know you want a law passed to open up the market. You can contact
    Please write to them and let them know that it would inspire competition in the market if they forced the wireless carriers to allow third party devices. (anyone have a reference for this law as this has a huge impact at the time and what the home phone market is today). A lot of carriers (mostly GSM) already allow third party devices. This is why there are so many advanced devices available for GSM networks. People always complain that the USA doesn't get the mopst advanced devices. Well you can get most of the advanced GSM devices in the USA, you just can't get CDMA devices for use on Sprint/Verizon/any other CDMA carrier. And if the law stated that these networks had to allow third party devices, there would be no shortage of companies trying to sell them to the public. Not only would you have the option to buy better devices, but you would have the option to start a business selling them as well. So please, let your congress reps know.

    Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope you will take the time to post on Sprint's message board. Please help us by spreading the word. Even if you have no intention of ever using Sprint, it would only help everyone for Sprint to allow 3rd party devices.

    SPJ Bulletin @
    Law Enforcement Forum